How to Allocate


Allocate your Cubits for In-game Mall Cash/Items

First, you need to log on to your Cubizone account at


Step 1 - Login

Log into your Cubizone Account.


Step 2 – Enter Member Dashboard Page

After logging in, make sure you are at member dashboard page. There should be a game list.


Step 3 – Access the Item Mall

Make sure the game you want to allocate your Cubits has already been activated,. Click on Item Mall (the light blue icon) to access the game’s allocation page.


Step 4 – Allocation Details

Choose your in-game server. Then select the item type and amount you want to allocate, and press confirm.. Make sure you have sufficient Cubits before you make any allocation.


Step 5 – Confirming your Allocation

For security purposes, the system will ask you to enter your account password to confirm your allocation. After entering your password, click "OK".


Step 6 – Successful Allocation Message

You should receive this message if your allocation is successful. If you have not received your allocated item yet, please wait 3 – 5 minutes. If you have yet to receive anything yet, please contact our customer service.