Cubits now available via G2A PAY

 December 08, 2015 Announcements



What's up Cubizens,


We would like to announce that you may now purchase Cubits thru G2A PAY by using the Direct Top Up Method in our Cubizone Portal.


Make sure that you have the following In order to access this feature.

  • Cubizone Account ( ) 
  • A working G2A PAY Account (

How to use the Direct Top Up using G2A PAY?


1.) Go to and login using your Cubizone Account


2.) Once you arrived in your Members Dashboard. Simply click the "Direct Top Up" button located in the upper right side of your screen.




3.) In the Gateway Selection of the Direct Top Up, Simply choose "G2A PAY" by clicking it's logo.



4.) Select the amount of cubits you want to topup then click Checkout when done.


5.) Double-check your Purchase Summary then click ‘Submit’ button.



6.) Select and click ‘G2A Wallet’.



7.) Select your G2A balance then click ‘PAY NOW’ button

8.) You will receive a conformation of your transaction then click ‘Continue to website’

9.) Take note of your transaction code. 

10.) Go back to your Dashboard to check your Cubits balance