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Cubicards and Cubits

What are Cubits?

Cubits is the currency used in Cubizone. Cubits can be used to purchase in-game items or specific services within the Cubizone community or website.

Purchase and top-up Cubicards into increase Cubits in your Cubizone account. Cubits might also be rewarded to players during special events or official contests held by Cubizone or its partners. Prizes for the events and contests will be stated in the related announcements.

What is a Cubicard?

Cubicards are the official top-up cards for Cubizone. Each Cubicard will credit certain amount of Cubits into your account.

You may purchase Cubicards from any of our authorized resellers and distributors located all across Peninsular, East Malaysia and Singapore. You may also purchase Cubicards online via our Online Payment Partners or any of our online distribution partners. Click Here



Top-up Code:   Code used for topping up your Cubizone account. (16 Characters in length)

Serial Number:   Identifies the Cubicard. (15 Characters in length)

Should you encounter a problem while topping up your Cubizone account using a Cubicard or if the code on the card is unreadable, please provide us the serial number and let us know where you purchased the card so that we can assist you in obtaining the top-up code.


What is a Reward Code?

You might find special reward or event code on your Cubicard. These reward code is normally included in special edition Cubicards. Player may obtain game equipment, items or in-game gold depending on the type and value of the reward code.