RedCliff ~ The Conqueror has arrived!

 October 16, 2009 Game Updates


Red Cliff - Conqueror server is now open for open beta! No data wipe after open beta, is time to go to war!

Official website :

You can get your newbie card at official forum, kindly visit
here for more information. Alternatively, you can get it at your nearest cyber cafe, book stores or point cards distributors.

What you can play in Red Cliff Open Beta?
1.  Maximum level 60, release corresponding weapon, equipment.
2.  Marriage system.
3.  Sigil system.
4.  In Game Item Mall.
5.  Jade Amulet system.
6.  Corresponding Troop Commanding Level Quest.
7.  PVP Battlefield: The Battle of Yingchuan.
8.  Other Battlefield: The Tale of LuBu, The Tale of Sun ShangXiang,The Chaos of Xiliang
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