[MM Game Update] New Songs Episode 1.1

 August 26, 2015 Game Updates



What's up Superstars, we would like to announce our first song update for Music Man Online and we are going to call it as the 'Episode 1.1" Song Update!

Why Episode 1.1? Because this is just a part of a much bigger scale song update which you will find out soon.

Basically the songs for 1.1 are the songs from the game developers and actually not a part of our Music Man song plan.


10 New Songs


1. Only One by BOA  
2. All for love by Gummy  
3. The Shadow by BOA  
4. Because of you by Ne-Yo  
5. Angel's Paranoia by Cyndi Wang
6. Mother rocker by June
7. Right now by PSY
8. FiveSteps by Paran
9. Mr.Mr. by Girls' Generation
10. Ba Yonga by Wamba-Banaroo


Chat Optimization

  • Keyboard common symbols enabled.


Bug Fixes

  • Localization/Text Issues Fixed
  • Advance- Client Side optimization and patching for future update.


To give way for the song update. We will be having a server maintenance on Wednesday, August 26 2015 and it will start at 10:00 am GMT+8 until further notice. So please log-out before the maintenance starts to avoid any issues that may arise in your account.

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Let's Dance..

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