Celestial Destroyer Comic Special Box Set is Re-released! Upgraded!

 June 11, 2010 Game Updates


This is one of the biggest online game-comic collaboration of the year, with Cubizone, CubiBonus and Comixo presenting you this limited and updated version of the hyper value Celestial Destroyer Comic Special Box Set!

The strong love bond between Ghostry (Zhang Xiaofan) and Lu Xeuqi, is now challenged by Biyao, Ghostry's once beloved woman who now reemerged as one of the Celestial beings. And to make the situation even harder for him, a war between the Righteous Path clans and Heretic Path clans is about to set off!

Celestial Destroyer Comic Special Box Set is included with Celestial Destroyer comic book, game installer DVD, limited game card, cute Biyao origami, elegantly designed T-shirt and a small badge, and now it is added with RM80 worth of Zhuxian 2 in-game items!

The items included are:
Lottery x 50
Lucky Amulet x 10
Preserve Amulet x 10
Empyrean Liquid x 1
Royal Jelly x 1!

This special redemption will be released on 14 June 2010 (Monday)!

CubiBonus - Redeem via CubiBonus

Play the game and read the comic, double the joy! Cubizone members listen here, you can now redeem this Celestial Destroyer Special Box Set by using your Cubits and RP!

*If you redeem the item via CubiBonus, you are exempted from delivery charges!

Below are the redemption steps:

1. Browse and add items that you wish to redeem into cart.

2. Go to “My Cart” to display list of items that you have added to cart. Click the “Check Out” button to continue the redemption process.

3. Read and understand the agreement. Click on the tick box if you agree to our T&C and you can then proceed to the next step.

4. Choose and confirm your delivery address.

5. Fill in your accurate contact details and delivery address.

6. Check and confirm all redeemed items and delivery address information.

7. At last, retype password to confirm the redemption.


Comixo - Comixo Shopping Cart
If you are a total comic freak who prefers surfing the net, you may just place your order online and have your
Celestial Destroyer Special Box Set easy and breezy!

*For those who are interested, shop at Comixo's shopping cart now!
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Celestial Destroyer
Online Comic
Celestial Destroyer online comic has been serialized for two years, with more than 80 episodes on the official comic site: , the work has been well received by many comic readers and regarded as one of the best original online comics.

It does not whether you are an online gamer, a novel reader or a comic fan, all these quality incarnations of the title
Celestial Destroyer is surely going to indulge your appetite!

If you have any question, please email to or call 03-22982000 and we will be at your service.

*Important notes:
1.This product is only available in Singapore and Malaysia. 
2.For those who have placed orders, the products will be sent out within 14 working days.
3.Customers need to log in to in order to obtain the
Celestial Destroyer in-game items.
4.You must registered as Cubizone members and activate your
Celestial Destroyer account to obtain the in-game items. After your identity is confirmed, you will receive the items within 5 working days.
5. For those who failed upon identity confirmation, the authorities hold the rights to cancel their redemption or online trades, no related complaints or disagreements will be entertained.
6.The authorities hold the rights to alternate the above terms and regulations without prior notice.

The CubiBonus Marketing Team