《STEPS》Irresistible Christmas Special

 December 09, 2009 Game Updates


“Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell…” Christmas is around the corner! Do you have any wishes for this coming Christmas? In order for all the fans of 《STEPS》 to have a romantic Christmas celebration, 《STEPS》 is going have a makeover before Christmas. Let us present you a warm and romantic Christmas!

Players can download the manual patch FIRST but DO NOT update until 10am. The patch only can be updated from 10am onwards.

Patch Version : 55-57
Date update : 9 Dec 09
Time update : 11am(GMT+8) to 12pm(GMt+8)

For more information, kindly to visit here.

Kindly call our customer service center for more information.

Thank you.

The Cubizone Team