"I LOVE ONLINE GAME" Expo@Johor Bahru!

 October 27, 2009 Events


Year-end rewards for Johor players again! Cubizone and Gogobase will be visiting the "I LOVE ONLINE" Expo. Meet us there and there will be Lucky Draw chances with exciting gifts when you purchase Cubicards during the event! For those wish to get FREE DVD installer, just drop by the booth and get from our lovely promoters!

Don't miss this chance, see you there!

Gogobase "I LOVE ONLINE GAME" Expo 09
Date    : 30 October 2009 - 1 November 2009
Venue :Plaza Pelangi, Ground Floor
Time   :10:00AM - 9:30PM

Purchase cubicard, lucky draw chances:
RM100=1 time
RM200=2 times
RM300=3 times
....and so on

Perfect World
Golden Vital Heirogram x 1
Golden Spirit Heirogram x 1
Sky Charm x150
Replacement Doll  x10
Mirage stone x20
Neckie Casual 1 Set
Gothic Fashion  1 Set
Advanced Restat All Scroll
Wedding Candy x50
ThunderLeopard x1
Pearl Light x1
Wind Seek x1
Fantasy x1
Seven Star Draco Pearl x1
**Ten Star Draco pearl x1 (Limited 1 per-day)

Celestial Destroyer
Flashmoon Heart x 1
Immortal Pill x 1
Vigorous Powder x 1
Pair of Love x 55
Keeper Signet x 10
Phoeronix Wood x 2
Prophetic Hex x 2
Magic Lotus x 10
Naga Blood x 10
Lucky Amulet x 33
Preserve Amulet x 33
Snow Leopard x 1
Unicorn Horse x 1
Latest Fashion Set Pack (Stylish Shirt M + Stylish Shirt F)
Wedding Package (M + F)

GruePhoenix Feather x 5
Howletha Thread x 5
Miraculous Voice x 50
Hand of God (7 Days) x 1
Hand of God (2 Days) x 5
Bodhi Tree x 5
Juno x 2
Dimension Door x 100
Mollie's Lollipop x 15
Perfect Luck Charm x 50
Reserved Charm x 50
Neph Panther Token x 1
Chameleon x 1
Iblis Fashion Set (M + F)*
Marriage Pack (M + F)
*Head, Upper, Shoes & Wing

Dazzling minispeak x  20
Lucky Coupon (M/F) x 6
Chapel Card x 2
Naughty Octopus (30Day) x 2
Cap Glasses x 1 (M/F)
Floral Compfire (Hair/Forever/Female) x 1
Groom Canonicals (Pants/Forever/Male) x 1
Groom Canonicals (Clothes/Forever/Male) x 1
Bridesmaid Gown (Clothes/Forever/Female) x 1
Good Boy (Pet) x 1
Undercurrent (Hair/Forever/Male) x 1
Twinkle Bell(Pet) x 1
Beast Trend (Wings/Forever)
Floral Compfire (Wings/Forever) x 1
Romance Pack (Male) x 1 or (Female) x 1

*Cubizone reserves the rights to amend the term and conditions of this lucky draw without prior notice to participants