Love Dance Mobile: 200k Fanpage Likes Giveaway

 March 15, 2016 Events




Let's end ‪#‎LoveDanceMonth‬ with a BANG! Get your timing right and stop on the "3 headphone icon" to get yourself a chance to win the Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphone! That's not all! Take a screenshot of any 3 In-game Items combination and take them home as well~ Read on to find out more:

1. Event is until March 14, 2016 @12mn (GMT+8)
2. You need to take one or two screenshot to join this event
- FIRST.Take a screenshot of the 3 headphone icon.
- SECOND. Take a screenshot of any of the 3 In-game Items combination.
3. Copied screenshot is not allowed. Trust us, we'll know :P
4. IMPORTANT. Do all the following tasks:
- POST the screenshots you took on the comment section along with your Character Name and User ID. Edited post is not allowed.
- HEART LIKE this post (Normal Like is not counted)
- SHARE this post on your wall saying " Cat Ear Headphone, You're Mine! Test your luck at "
5. You can only submit one or two screenshot entries per fb and love dance account.

Rewards Pool:
★ 3 Headphone Icon - 2 entries will get a chance to win Axent Cat Ear Headphone
★ 3 Gift Box Icon - 1 entry will get a chance to win a permanent fire spell wings. 2 entries will get a chance to win a permanent balloon.
★ 3 Diamonds - Sure win of 100 Diamonds
★ 3 Love Crystal - Sure win of 100pcs. Love Crystal
★ 3 Mega Horn - Sure win of 100pcs. Mega Horn
★ 3 Rose - Sure win of 100pcs. Rose
★ 3 Lily - Sure win of 100pcs. Lily
★ 3 Perfume - Sure win of 100pcs. Perfume
★ 3 Love Peach - Sure win of 100pcs. Love Peach
★ 3 Silk F - Sure win of 30pcs. Silk F
★ 3 Bronze Chest - Sure win of 20pcs. Bronze Chest
★ 3 Silver Chest - Sure win of 15pcs. Silver Chest
★ 3 Gold Chest - Sure win of 10pcs. Gold Chest

HAPPY 200K FANS Strong, LOVE DANCERS! And Goodluck~
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