[CIC 2015 - SG Qualifiers] Street Fighter Tournament

 August 17, 2015 Events


Where: Alienware Arena, Singapore

When: September 6, 2015

On-site Registration: 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Register here for slot reservation:

*Deadline of Reservation is until September 1, 2015.

**Participant must be present on-site before 1:00pm


1. Only players with at least one (1) Lv3 Inner Skill of Any School or Jianghu Inner Skill are eligible to join this tournament.
2. For slot reservation, register here: (Must be present on-site before 1:00pm)
3. Once the registration reaches the maximum number of participants or reached the deadline, it will be closed by the Game Masters.


Before the Match:
1. Tournament Mode: Free for ALL (Royal Rumble)
2 Account to be used: OWN
3. Ready or not, we will start the battle on time. If the participants do not show up, they will be disqualified. Participants are encouraged to be there 30 minutes before the tournament starts to avoid disqualification.
4. No Skill and Equipment limitation
5. Wearing of Fashion or Costumes are allowed.
6. There’s no grade limitation on wearing treasures
7. All medicaments are allowed to be used in this event.


Tournament Proper:
1. Joining a party is not allowed
2. All Attack Protection must be unchecked

Elimination Match:
1. Each participant will battle against the others in the battlefield within 5 minutes.
2. When your character die, you can return and come back in the battlefield as long as the 5 minutes countdown is not yet up.
3. After 5 minutes, only those who survive may continue to participate on the final round.

Final Round:
1. Final round has no time limitation.
2. You're out once your character die.
2. The last 3 survivor wins.


Reward: Top 3 winners will join the CIC 2015 Grand Championship in Thailand this October 2015



Rules in Disconnection:
1. If the participant gets disconnected during the elimination match, he/she will be able to participate if the 5 minutes time duration is not yet up.
2. If the participant gets disconnected during the final match, he/she will be able given 5 minutes to participate.
3. If the participant gets disconnected twice, he/she will be disqualified.
4. Third party program or any cheat program is not allowed to be used. Those who will be caught will be banned permanently in game.

Rules, mechanics and prizes may change without prior notice.
By joining this event, user has already agreed to the terms and conditions given by Age of Kungfu GM Team.