Cubi3 Grand Launch Shows, Events and Activities

 May 13, 2015 Events




1pm to 3pm - Cubi3 Grand Launch Token Giveaway

From 1pm to 3pm (GMT+8), once the chatroom reached certain amount of viewers on the opening day of Cubi3, all attendees will receive certain number of Tokens which can be used for the Fortune Cookie Lucky Draw:

  • 30 Viewers - 1 Token each attendee
  • 50 Viewers - 2 Tokens each attendee
  • 100 Viewers - 3 Tokens each attendee


Once the clock hits 3pm (GMT+8), a form will appear in Cubi3 wherein users must post the needed information in order to acquire the free Tokens.

Please wait 3 to 7 working days for Token Rewards insertion

1pm to 9pm - Promo Code Giveaway

From 1pm until 9pm in random order, promo codes will appear on the Cubi3 screen to give out free tokens. First 3 users to input the code each on the form wins!


Users can only win once

Please wait 3 to 7 working days for Token Rewards insertion

Segments and Activities

1pm onwards – The Cubi3 Show

  • Greeting Portion
  • Q&A Portions
  • Cubi Charades
  • Cubizone Throwback Thursday Event

3pm onwards - Final Combat Event Madness

  • Final Combat Death Race
  • Trivia Event
  • Item Code Giveaway

7pm onwards - What's Up Superstars Show

  • GM Challenge
  • Superstars VOD
  • MM Tutorials
  • Superstars on the move
  • Item Code Giveaway