Cubizone Invades Comic Fiesta 2014

 December 22, 2014 Events


Hi Cubizens in Malaysia!

The Cubizone MY team is all set for this coming Comic Fiesta 2014 on December 27-28 at KLCC.

Cubizone Merchandise and gaming peripherals will be given away on day 1 and 2 so mark your calendars and don't hesitate to drop by. We will be giving away tons and tons of prizes!

• Registration – register a Cubizone account to receive a FREE Newbie Pack!
• Welcome Gift Just for You – First 100 players who present Welcome Gift stamp at our event counter will receive a Mystery Gift pack! (Daily basis activity)
• Hunting Cubiman – The event will run with 2 phases: Part A & Part B

Part A

During specific event time, players may random pick and complete 3 out of the mission list shown at
below to win the rewards. Every completion will be given 1 stamp and player will receive the rewards
once successes collect 3 stamps!

a. Spy Master event
Steal the Note around Cubizone Booth without crew notice and pass to the mission keeper

b. MSI Photo Section
Snap a photo with our cosplay / promoter, and upload to Facebook follow the instruction from mission keeper.

c. Guess The Answer
Answer few questions given by the mission keeper to complete the mission

d. Hero's Mission
Search the “Specific Person” through the clue given by the mission keeper

e. Dice Your Luck
Compete the dice game with the mission keeper

f. Puzzle Mania
Complete the puzzle within a time limit

g. Card Game Challenge
Compete the card game with the mission keeper

h. Duel of Heroes
Compete “Paper Scissors Stone” duel with the mission keeper; require 3 wins to complete the mission

i. Kungfu Selfie
Pose and snap a photo per Pose given and show to mission keeper

j. Highest Flip
Complete the specific online game task within 5 minutes

k. Spot The Difference
Spot the differences from the image given within 1 minute

l. Search and Win
Search for the props around Cubinet booth and pass to mission keeper

Part B

After player success complete Part A mission, a mystery clue will be given by mission keeper to teach player how to find Encounter Hero! Players who successes meet the Encounter Hero will receive a Valuable Treasure such as fragment, martial art basic book, ruined book and etc. (Valuable Treasure is a first come first serve basis) 


• Various Special In-game Sales Promotion:

Age Of Kungfu

a. Offgamers Luxury Pack (RM 50)
Contains: Jianghu VIP (30 Days) (Bound), Hunyuan Tendon-changing Pill *10 (Bound), Bai Xiaosheng's Weapon Manual* 10 (Bound), Horse Whistle “Juedi ” 14Days (Bound)

b. Offgamers Xmas Victorious Pack (RM 99)
Contains: Victorious *1 (Set)

c. Lucky Draw
To entitle this activity, Player require to purchase specify of cubits amount thru Offgamers services on site during the event:
i.   Every gold conversion of 500 cubits purchased, player will be given a draw.
ii.  Every gold conversion of 1,000 cubits purchased, player will given 3 draws.
iii. FREE 1 draw for player who purchased Offgamers Luxury Pack on site during the event.
iv. FREE 3 draws for player who purchased Offgamers Xmas Victorious Pack on site during the event.
v.  Event prizes is a first come first serve basis (while stock last).

Item List
Setting Sun Manual Expert *1
Luoyang Loom *1
Luoyang Chopping Block *1
Mysterious Jade Powder *1
Chaotic Yuan - Fragment *2
SunSet - Fragment *2
Poison Toad- Fragment *2
Five Elements Mental Skill - Fragment *2
Gold Thread Powder *1
Scenery Records Firerwork *1 (Middle Bag) (Bound)
Wishing Knot *10 (Bound)
Ruyi Pill *10 (Bound)
School Glory Permit (100) (Bound)
Heavenly Origin Soul Pill *10 (Bound)
Mount Tianshan Snow Lotus *10 (Bound)
ZiChen Pill *10

* The lucky draw event ONLY available for International Accounts

Redemption Guide:


Journey to the West

a. Extra Gold Promotion
10% Extra gold will be given, for every gold conversion of all cubits amount purchased thru Offgamers service.

P/s: This promotion can be stack with other available online event during same period (if have)



Don’t miss this chance! We will see you there