About CubiCards and Cubit

 August 13, 2009 Announcements


Dear Cubizone members,

This is a gentle reminder to buy CubiCards and Cubit from our authorized distributors, retail outlets and online payment gateways. By buying from our authorized business partners, you will be sure that your CubiCards and Cubits are authentic and endorsed by Cubizone.
Click on the links below to assure your CubiCards and Cubits came from our authorized business partners.
Authorized CubiCard Resellers
Online Payment Partners
For those who are unsure, please call our CS Support desk:
General Line: +603-2298 2000
Fax: +603-2287 9899
Toll Free Numbers
1300-88-2688 (Malaysia)
1800-711-333 (Singapore)
Web Helpdesk
Our friendly and dedicated customer service support team will be on stand-by to help you everyday of the week, 24 hours a day so do not hesitate to contact us if you have problems.
We hope you will have a safe and enjoyable gaming experience,
The CubiZone team