Cubinet Company Profile

 July 17, 2018 Announcements



Starting from a humble beginning, Cubinet Interactive was founded in Malaysia way back in 2006.

The company set its eye on one goal with an unwavering faith. Thus, Cubizone is then recognized by the Government of Malaysia to be vested with an MSC Status. Here, Perfect World, their first game was born.

In 2008, Cubizone ventured forth in SEA (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines). Afterwards, other new titles like Zhu Xian, Q-World, Steps, Battle of Destiny and other several games were also launched. Cubizone Malaysia also introduce Special Force as a gaming distributor around 2012.

The company's journey was all about growing and improving and it remain constant. In 2013, CUBICON 2013 was held which was the first gaming convention in the Cubizone Community and several more games were also launched that year.

With the growth of global trends in the mobile gaming industry, the company seize this opportunity and Love Dance Mobile was the first mobile game it launched followed Princess Rush in 2015 together with another client game, Music Man. The next year, they launched the Cubizone Play App as another opportunity for the growing community cultivated from the past years. And in 2018, Love Dance Mobile celebrated its milestone of achieving 1 Million Google play installs and counting.

Through dedication to bring the best service, passion for growth, and collaborative effort, Cubizone has yet to face another ventures by expanding its headquarters to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and Turkey and setting its eye for South Africa, Brazil, USA, and Canada afterwards. There is no way but to go up. Cubizone’s biggest ambition is (and will be) a World Class Digital Entertainment Company.