Age of Kungfu Amnesty Program For Blocked Characters

 October 22, 2015 Announcements


☯☯☯ Age of Kungfu Amnesty Program For Blocked Characters ☯☯☯


Greetings Heroes of Jianghu,

As the Tempest of Strife Major Expansion is coming near, we would like to open the gates of Jianghu to everyone interested. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone! This include those were banned permanently and promise never to do any misconduct once again. As the saying goes, "Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future"

The Age of Kungfu GM Team believe in providing second chances. As part of the initiatives in giving blocked users a chance for absolution, thus, we would like to present the Age of Kungfu Amnesty Program.

Please read the following notes below to know more about the Amnesty Program:


1. Amnesty is open to users with blocked accounts having at least ONE (1) LVL2 internal skill.
2. The application for Amnesty is open from October 22 to November 22, 2015 ONLY. Applications sent from November 23 onwards will be denied.
3. Final penalties will be applied to characters/accounts before they are released.
4. Applications will be processed within TEN (10) business days.
5. The users who availed the Amnesty Program will be monitored closely. Should the owners of the restored characters violate any of the game policies again, their accounts will be blocked PERMANENTLY.

1. Players with blocked accounts must submit a Helpdesk Ticket to avail the Amnesty Progran. Users are required to indicate the following information in the ticket:

- User name of Blocked Account:
- Character name:
- School:
- Email:

2. Upon successful filing of the ticket, we shall verify the ownership of the blocked account and review our records to confirm if the blocked account is qualified to avail the amnesty. We shall reply to inquiry tickets within one to two business days and will be processed for release within ten working days.

Penalty for Users who will avail the Amnesty Program

- Removal of Earrings, Rings, Necklace and Treasure
- Removal of the account’s Gold
- Removal of all items in the account’s warehouse and inventory

We hope that this second chance to all who will be unblocked won't get into a waste. Let's have a fun and exciting Age of Kungfu Community ahead of us!

- Age of Kungfu GM Team