Welcome to Music Man Online Closed Beta Phase

 July 14, 2015 Announcements




What's Up Superstars!

Welcome to our Closed Beta Phase of Music Man Online! Be the first to play the most anticipated dancing game this 2015! For our new recruits, make sure to check out the important links provided below in order to get you started playing the game:


Account Registration:
Registration Guide:
Download Client:
CBT Events:


Most of you have some questions and concerns, so we set up this FAQ section to answer some of these to clarify things up.


What is a Closed Beta Test?

Close Beta Test is usually the first phase of testing a game that involves certain number of players before the game officially launch to the public.


So what is the purpose of the Closed Beta?

We want to make sure that Music Man Online will be ready. As part of the initial test, we will be conducting some stress tests on the server to check its downtime capacity, also be aware that some features and parts of the game may be unavailable or not functioning properly.


How long does the Closed Beta last?

The Music Man Online Closed Beta Phase will last until July 21, 2015 at exactly 1:00PM (GMT+8)


Where can I download the game?

You can download the game by going to this link:

For download and installation guide, click here:


How can I register for the CBT?

You may refer on this link for Cubizone Registration and Music Man Online Activation Guide:


Will I be able to retain my characters after CBT?

No, once the CBT ends, all characters, items, names and progress in your Music Man Online Account will be deleted.


I won from an event or promos during Music Man Online Promotion or CBT Phase. When will I be able to claim my reward?



I am having trouble logging into the game

It is possible that the server is experiencing heavy traffic due to the massive number of players accessing the game, try waiting after a few minutes before accessing the game again.


Why is the game experiencing latency issues?

It is possible that there are so many players playing the game that the servers have reached its capacity. Also try checking your internet connection if there are any problems with your bandwidth.


Will the CBT have modified EXP and Drop Rates?

No, the CBT will have normal EXP and Drop rates and there will be no plans for now to have an increase on the rates during the said test.


Why am I encountering a lot of bugs/glitches?

Since the game is still in Close Beta, there are still some undiscovered bugs still hiding in the game, if you encountered any bugs, please do send us a report about it.


After the CBT, what happens next?

Once the CBT ends, the servers will be closed in the meantime for the preparations of the Open Beta. We will announce the schedule of the Open Beta on our website once we have the final schedule.


When will the Open Beta start?

We still don’t have a definite date for the OBT, but we will inform you once we have the final date, so stay tuned to official website, forums and even on our Facebook Pages for the latest updates.