Cubi3, Token and Fortune Cookie Lucky Draw Explained

 May 12, 2015 Announcements


Cubi3 Grand Launch is just around the corner. Tons of exciting segments, activities and events are coming your way to fuel that gaming energy you deserve. But before anything else, let us give you a brief idea of what's gonna happen on May 14th:

The Cubi3 Official Launch

Cubi3 is alivestream and community platform where gamers, cosplayers, hobbyists, dance and music lovers meet to play, chat and catch up! It's main purpose is to unite different communities in one roof.

Cubi3 will feature variety of Game Master shows, liveblogs, tournament streamings, events and giveaways which will definitely be enjoyed by different communities. It is not all games in Cubi3 because users are encouraged to chat and talk about anything fun and entertaining to all ages and nationality.

The new community platform includes Community-inclined features such as avatar customization, link and image sharing, mini games, mounting of user webcam, video playing and more. Soon, Cubi3 and Cubichat promises more fun and entertaining features and updates will be unveiled.

So come all and let's all start out fresh for an endless fun in Cubi3 and CubiChat!

The Token System Going Live

The Token System is Cubinet Interactive's latest loyalty reward program for all Cubizone Gamers. Earn tokens and take advantage of our events and offerings!

Get 'em by:
- Event Participation
- Cubits Topup
- Staying Loyal

TIP: Participate on the May 14 Cubi3 Grand Launch and get a chance to acquire tokens for free!

Fortune Cookie Lucky Draw Going Live

The Fortune Cookie Lucky Draw is the first (among the many of features going to be launched soon) of which a Cubizone Gamer will be able to use their acquired tokens.

Once the feature is up, you'll be able to use your acquired token to draw, test your luck and gain our rarest in-game item reward per Cubizone Title. Nobody will return empty handed after each draw because you'll be able to take home an in-game item 100% each draw!

Step by step guide for the Token System and Fortune Cookie Lucky Draw will be posted soon so better stay tuned!