How to Migrate your Cubizone account


Go to and click on the "Login" button found on the upper right corner


Ways to Migrate Your Cubizone Account

There are two (3) ways to migrate your old Cubizone account

  1. Login Page
  2. Using your Facebook or Google account
  3. Accessing the Migration Page

Using Login Page or the Migration Page

You may login using your old Cubizone username and password.

Please note that upon successful migration you need to use the VALID EMAIL ADDRESS associated with your account the next time you login instead of your username.


Using your Facebook or Google Account

The system will automatically detect if the email address associated with your Facebook or Google is an old Cubizone account and will prompt you to input your old Cubizone username and password to proceed with the migration.

Upon successful migration using your Facebook or Google account you will be automatically login and redirected to your member dashboard page.

For users who migrated using Login Page or the Migration Page

Users will have 2 (two) options upon successfully entering their old Cubizone username and password.

Option 1

Users may enter their old email address associated with their account or enter a new email address to use

Note:Users must use a valid email address as they need to check their email for the verification email from Cubizone after completing the migration process.

Option 2

User may proceed with the migration process by choosing to bind their Cubizone account to their Facebook or Google accounts.

NOTE: Users may bind 1 (one) Facebook or Google account to only 1 (one) Cubizone account.


Migration is now complete!

You need to verify your Cubizone account before you can login by checking the email address you used during registration and clicking the verification link on the verification email we sent.

After successfully activating your account, you may now Login and enjoy playing our games! Happy Gaming!